By Lesley Hager

Publisher : Wings ePress, Inc.

ABOUT Lesley Hager

Lesley Hager



Sam Montgomery is stuck in a boring job and with a string of bad relationships under her belt, isn’t where she imagined she would be at this point in her life.   Additionally, she has to cope with the sudden death of her beloved grandfather who passed away just weeks after beginning to investigate a letter belonging to his mother—a letter which only fuels questions about his mother’s mysterious past and why she suddenly fled her homeland of Ireland in the middle of the night nearly eighty years ago.

Sam, desperate for some much needed relaxation after the past several months of grieving her grandfather’s death and her unlucky in love past, heads away on her annual girl’s beach trip with her best friend, Kate Mason, only to discover what awaits her at the beach is far from relaxing. When she, a charming Irishman named Sean and an angry red-headed woman cross paths, Sam finds her sanity slowly spinning out of control as she stumbles her way through a mission which takes her across the Atlantic Ocean in search of love and answers to her family’s puzzling history.