How to Make Your REALTOR Get You the Best Deal

How to Make Your REALTOR Get You the Best Deal

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Ken Deshaies
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A guide through the real estate purchasing process,from choosing a REALTOR to negotiating the best price for you.  Explains how to make sure your agent is working for you and not for the seller. 

Colorado was the first State in the nation to pass a law codifying buyer representation in real estate transactions. And I was doing buyer representation before it became law. Prior to that, all real estate agents represented sellers, whether they told you that or not. I was concerned about the number of buyers who thought they were getting a good deal only to find later that they paid much more for the property, or features of the property were not as represented. So I wrote this book. Once it was published, I actually got hate calls from other agents who felt I was disturbing the status quo. The book is based on Colorado law. So, to cover other States, my publisher and I decided that I would find agents in each State to co-author State editions. The co-authors would be responsible for re-writing the chapter on State laws, make other changes as necessary and get a real estate attorney to bless it. So, we not have 37 States in print. Enjoy!

“...eminently readable...”
—Edwin J. Ricketts, Deputy Commissioner of the Arizona Department of Real Estate, 1991-1997

“Ken's book is a wonderful road map for the ever-confusing world of real estate. It's like having your own personal coach in a box.”
—Melissa Giovagnoli, Author, bestselling book, Networlding, Building Relationships and Opportunities for Success and How to Grow a Great Business and Power Network

“In the Oklahoma edition, two profoundly successful real estate agents have provided a simple guide through the often dark and confusing waters of home buying or selling. They demonstrate the impact of recent changes in the law and how those changes can affect the quality of representation one receives. Read this book and you will learn how to screen, select, and then use your Realtor® in a way that Gets You the Best Deal.”
—Steve Largent, U.S. Congressional Representative, Oklahoma

“Many REALTORS® might put this down as too elementary, but I wish all my clients would review the simple steps provided here, and they could learn to be an effective part of the teamwork it takes to fulfill their dreams. This book has the exact things most buyers and sellers need to know, but are sometimes afraid to ask.”
—John Foltz, President, Realty Executives

“I found your book to be very informative and easy to read. I will definitely recommend it to customers, especially those buying a home. It was a real eye-opener and fills a gap in our real estate section. Other books may have chapters on this topic, but your book is so concise and specific. I genuinely learned from your book (among other things, now I know what all those letters after your name stand for). Congratulations. Yours truly,”
—Diane Eklund, Purchaser, Powell's Books, Portland OR

“I read the entire Montana Edition over the weekend. It was fantastic. It was so insightful and full of such valuable information. So much of what you said has already helped me. Now I would like to take the most important step I read about; how to pick our Realtor®. Since we are out of the area, is there someone with your views and credentials that you can recommend?”
—Tracie Kwiatkowski

“This is a ground breaking work for homebuyers. It is not only a quick read, but it puts the language of real estate in layman’s terms. This book will do more to empower the homebuyer than anything else in print. I strongly recommend you buy this book before you even start looking at ads.”
—Michael E. Houtari, Corporate Attorney

“This book should be required reading for all Realtors® and for anyone serious about buying real estate.”
—Peter J. McLaughlin, author of CatchFire: A Seven Step Program to Ignite Energy, Defuse Stress and Power Boost Your Performance

“Life would have been much easier if I had this book to give to my buyers when I was out in the field. There are so many great ideas and so much information. . .all agents should carry copies in their brief cases.”
—Dale Rector, Founder, Realty Executives

“In life, it seems you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate and "How to Make Your Realtor® Get You the Best Deal" gives you the necessary tools it takes to be able to be in the best possible position to negotiate in real estate. My hat is off to Jenny, Ken and their national consortium.”

Mike Barnett, VP of Technology, Internet Crusade

The real estate world is constantly changing, so anyone who is even considering buying [or selling] property of any kind should first get a copy of this easy-to-read and straightforward book.  It demonstrates how valuable a good real estate professional can be – and further – how to select the right one.  Smart real estate agents will also read the book to ensure their [clients] are receiving the service and the expertise they deserve.

—Dave Liniger, Co-founder and Chairman, RE/MAX 

DENVER POST - DEVELOPMENTS - Sunday, March 19, 2000
by Michael Behrenhausen

“What’s the best way to buy a home?”

            That’s the question on a lot of folks’ minds who are ready to take the plunge that is first-time homebuying. 

            Ken Deshaies, a Realtor with Re/Max in Summit County, has some advice that comes in a quick, easy to read book, “How to Make Your Realtor Get You the Best Deal.”

            The book, in addition to explaining the history of real estate practice, offers help for buyers who do not understand that representation is available.

            “This is a message that is not getting out to consumers,” says Deshaies. “Getting your first home should be one of the happiest times of your life, from the time you start the process until you move in. As a buyer, you want someone on your side. Traditionally, buyers have been at the mercy of a system which has only represented sellers.”

            In his book, Deshaies offers first-time homebuyers the right steps in getting a Realtor to represent them, the questions to ask, as well as information and the how-to’s on financing.

            So, if you are one of those ready to take the plunge, or you’re just looking for some good information, be sure to pick up your copy today.