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Alessandrina Lerner is the author of four books. All 3 of her Poetry books, "The Essence of Love" (Sep'09), "Spiritual Metamorphosis" (Feb'10) and "Have You Seen My Childhood" (Mar'10) are adorned with beautiful illustrations made by the author's daughter, a p More...


Your complete A-Z guide to the internationally celebrated South Beach Detox® designed by pioneer Yoga Master and Health Nutritionist, Fred Busch and authored by Yoga Teacher and 25 year Vegan Macrobiotician, Alessandrina Lerner. This do-it-yourself manual lets you master all the elements you need to complete a full detox in the comfort of your home and at an extremely attractive price too. The South Beach Detox® is by far the most powerful and effective detox you'll ever do. After reading this book, no question will remain unanswered about detox.

The South Beach Detox manual was put together by Alessandrina Lerner in an effort to bring the benefits of full body cleansing and detoxification to a greater crowd. The South Beach Detox is by far the most powerful body and mind detoxification program available on the market these days. Through a non-invasive and simple approach The South Beach Detox lets you experience the power of personal transformation on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level of your beings within 4 short days! For more on The South Beach Detox, visit us at www.thesouthbeachdetox.com

Success Stories:  The Key To Success Is Within Everybody's Reach...  'Happiness and Success are just a few days away... and if you don't believe me, check out what others have to say below!'

The greatest success in life is not measured by fame or wealth but rather by the state of happiness and contentment you experience throughout life's ups and downs.  And so a most accurate instrument of measure when it comes to success is the number of times you smile a day...  

And since smiling is free and effortless and reaching, that state of 'well' being is within everybody's reach...

All you need is to discover the fountain of eternal youth, the one that will have you enjoying life day after day no matter what the circumstances...  Now to some, that may seem like empty rhetoric but far from it because happiness is truly found in the simplest pleasures and the ability to enjoy the smallest, seemingly insignificant moments. All it takes, really, is a little change in perspective and the courage to dive below the surface to find out the essence of who you've always been... pure, eternal bliss! 

That is exactly what The South Beach Detox - the most powerful full body and mind cleansing program, sets out to help you discover... and within a few days, this feeling of lightness and carefreeness is yours to experience and replicate any time that you choose to.  But if you're still a little doubtful about what you view as empty promises, read below for Success Stories of those who have tried it and come out transformed... 


Famous U.K. Heart FM DJ Neil Fox, London, U.K. 

"It changed the way I think about food"

    “The program worked for me and has changed the way I think about food.”

Roxanne, MBA, Fort Lauderdale, FL

"Absolutely Fabulous!"

    “The South Beach Detox program has changed the way I think about food. Before, I thought food had to be animal-based to be food. But I learned that there are so many other ways to receive nutrition without sacrificing animals. Also, the products used in the detox are fabulous, in terms of the way they make you feel and how much stronger I feel when I take them. When I miss taking them I can feel the difference in my body – I feel tired and weaker.”

Teresa E., United Nations Representative, Haiti

"South Beach

"South Beach Detox High Five!"

    I came to Miami hoping to find a place where I could do a good detox as I was suffering from digestive issues that were affecting my overall health and well being. I found the information about the South Beach Detox on the internet and having read information about other detox programmes this was the one that convinced me. The healthy and holistic approach to the detox - drinking E3Live to help cleanse and feel energised (and being allowed some fruit or smoothies, yeah), combined with yoga and meditation - assured me that this was a trustable programme.
    The first couple of days - especially the second day - were the challenging days as I often do "stress / emotional eating". By the 3rd and 4th day I was feeling better and had the energy to do the detox, walk for hours and do power yoga!  Once I finished the detox, I realized that I was much less prone to overating or running to french fries (my biggest sin) every time I seem them. Bad food and excessive food do indeed harm you and your body and I want a healthy live and body! I also learned to eat only when I am actually hungry - not stressed or angry, hungry. That hole in the stomach is most often thirst or nerves... not hunger.
    Alessandrina (and Almandine :-D) supported me through the process and her coaching was important for me to realize that it was normal how I felt through the detox. Not only toxins leave your body; you will also be digesting emotions that you may pack in your belly. It was great having someone to talk to when I needed and who understood well the process. I am thankful to Aless for sharing the detox with me and taking me through it.
I feel lighter, more energised and, yes, happier! :-) I will keep it up, being kind to myself when I deviate from the path a bit, like Alessandra said. The most important is to love oneself. Then, it will work for you as well, for sure! Highly recommended.

Pablo Lucero, Parlegal and dedicated Yoga practitioner, Miami, FL

"Life giving back to Life!"

    "I had done several different types of Detox before trying The South Beach Detox but had never done a detox that offers such a comprehensive approach to a full body cleanse.  The E3 Live products provided what other detox don’t, and that is life energy, enzymes and the proper vitamins necessary to support such a powerful process.  The South Beach Detox is very cleansing, natural and organic.  Along with the meditations and yoga practice it is a full mental, physical and spiritual cleansing.  The clarity that is attained through the detox is really amazing.  I felt as if I can touch and see the space between my eyes and an object (if that makes any sense).  The senses are really enhanced, the focus and concentration (especially with the yoga practice) are really deeply improved too.  My goals and purpose were manifested in full intention, which was really surprising, but not shocking.   Also, the emotional detox was intense. I felt old patterns and/or old hidden emotions arise and I dealt with them as they happened, this was very liberating.  

Personally, I like to purchase a package (not just a product), I do my research, and when I know the product is good, I buy it, however, it is the ENTIRE experience that matters to me the most. The human touch, the eye contact, the handling of the product, the service provided, the professionalism and human to human interaction is most important to me.  Alessandrina from The South Beach Detox team took the time to explain to me the benefits and to follow up during and after my detox, and she is living example of this product and how it works.  It was all handled in harmony and peace.. and that is why I consider it to be superior detox..  If I had to isolate what I liked the most about The South Beach Detox, it would have to be the clarity that I gained during the detox, the fact that my body smiles at me and is grateful for me having given it this opportunity.  The South Beach Detox is life giving back to life, being part of earth and giving back to earth by respecting our natural essence and natural God intention.  I'd recommend it to anybody who wants to best the most out of a detox.  Namaste"