Pathways to Wholeness: Walking Meditation, Mindful Breathing, Bio-Energetic Healing and Spiritual Development

ABOUT Janet Nestor

Janet Nestor
I am a positive person who loves life and one of my passions is writing.  My first published book is Pathways to Wholeness - a mindfulness / consciousness handbook for everyone.  I work as a holistic mental health therapist and energy psychologist.  I am a wife, mother, grandmother, ani More...



Many books talk about the benefits of meditation and presence, but remain in the realm of ideas. Reading this book made the principles I already knew in my head jump out and materialize in my daily life. My walk down to the lake to swim turned from being a chore I went through to get to the beach into a multi-dimensional experience of feeling the pavement beneath my feet, listening to the bird sounds, smelling the forest, and noticing the sunlight filtering through the trees. Combining theory, personal experience, poetry, and photography, this beautiful little book makes mindfulness REAL! The author fleshes out the practices in clear language with meaningful examples and ways a person can put into practice immediately. One special gem in the book is the simple Radiant Energies Balance Self-Help Posture one can use to balance the nervous system and produce a deep sense of peace and relaxation.
Barbara Stone, PhD, author of Invisible Roots: How Healing Past Life Trauma Can Liberate Your Present

I have been working with relaxation therapies and personal growth for many years. I became interested in Walking Meditation because of a Tai Chi class I was taking - we were practicing Tai Chi Walking. My personal walking meditation practice came about as I practiced the Tai Chi walking during my morning walks. I am in love with the peace and joy of nature. That love shines through in Pathways to Wholeness ... as evidenced by the cover. For me, there is nothing like a walk through a deep old growth wooded area ... the energy of the trees and the whole environment is magical.

Exquisitely peaceful in and of itself, distilled as the best of poetry 

is, to essence, Janet Nestor has created a haiku-like presentation of 

all the world's greatest wisdoms in the slender handbook Pathways to 

Wholeness. This guide is generously personal, poetically practical, 

sublimely simple. Even before you begin to practice the exercises 

within its pages, just in the reading of this jewel of compassionate 

witness, you feel the journey begin, your own journey toward "the 

perfect center we all have that is wise, healthy, joy
ous, peaceful." Mary Jane Panciera, Massage and Bodywork Therapist

My friend and colleague, Janet Nestor, has written a beautiful new book called Pathways to Wholeness. This book is full of information and yet is a beautiful read as she combines practical wisdom with beautiful ideals. I particularly liked her focus on Virtues which are part of Love- and how to combine virtues with affirmations along with In Breaths and Out Breaths. If you desire a holistic approach to life- you will cherish this book.

From the inside cover

As I Walk I Am

Earth is my home.
Her foliage brings softness and beauty, and
provides the breath of life.
Everything about her brings attention
to divine beginnings.

My footsteps touch Her peacefully,
and I know.
My eyes gently focus on
everything and nothing
and I see.

My mind is quiet and free of worry,
and it refreshes me.
My breath flows softly in and out,
and my senses are heightened.
My body is alive, as I fully experience
my wholeness and the
miraculous nature of each footstep.

My awareness is expanded
and I acknowledge and honor the Presence
within me.

My being merges with all that there is, and
I am at home

My totality celebrates life.
Creation is part of me
and I am part of Her.

As I walk I am
Janet Nestor

Concepts to Assist our Journey p. 19

The "How To" of Mindfulness"

"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." Carl Bard

Our ultimate goal is to be fully present for our life. It takes practice.

By practicing the art of Mindfulness (being fully present) we become aware of all that is shaping our conscious perceptions: body sensations, feelings, emotions, thoughts, mental imagery, our immediate environment and our history.

Enjoy Janet's beautiful work,

Coach Sheri

Melinda Truitt-Reinheimer

Author of the Little Blue Kite Series

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