The Long Hello~The Other Side of Alzheimer's

ABOUT Cathie Borrie

Cathie Borrie
Cathie Borrie devotes her immense energies to educating people on the experience of Alzheimer’s and Alzheimer’s care-giving.  She is dedicated to galvanizing a positive, enlightened change in society’s perception of dementia. Born in Vancouver, she has had an extensive and diverse  More...



In this shimmering jewel of a memoir, The Long Hello ~ The Other Side of Alzheimer’s, author Cathie Borrie traverses rich terrain as she unearths the hidden and often painful treasures of a life well lived: the shadows and joys of childhood, the relationships that leave us both illuminated and bereft, the love, longing and loss that surge to the fore when a parent is ailing.  Memory, and the losing of it, serves as a powerful guide, and Borrie follows her mother's eccentric and poetic lead into the past, transformed by the unexpected brilliance of the elder woman's shifting dementia mind.  A paean of redemptive beauty, The Long Hello cherishes the bond between mothers and daughters, and creates a startling change in society's perception of those journeying through Alzheimer's.