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By Margaret Montreuil

Publisher : WestBow Press

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Margaret Montreuil
The centerpiece of Margaret Montreuil’s published works—whether a novel, devotional book, poem, Internet blog post, or article—is always the same: Jesus Christ. With Christ as the focal point of all that she writes, Margaret offers readers an intimate look at Jesus and God’s Word. More...



The Agony of the Cross Loomed for Jesus …


“Our brother Jesus was on a reckless course

and I had left Jerusalem because I was angry with love for him.

I felt helpless to change him and terrified for his life.”


James and his brothers didn’t know what to do with Jesus. Was their eldest brother the prophesied Messiah, or was he simply out of his mind? Soon enough, events in Jerusalem during Passover bring James and his family to their knees with sorrow: Jesus has been crucified.


But only days later, they hear strange reports—that Jesus has risen from the dead! As the family and followers of Jesus eventually encounter the risen Lord, they joyfully come to believe in him as the promised Messiah. A few weeks later, though, when Jesus ascends to heaven, the first believers feel confusion and even a little surprise at the kind of Messiah that Jesus turned out to be—but they have no time to reflect, as they soon find themselves in a fight for their lives.


Jewish leaders want to stamp out the “heretical” church—and the high priest, Caiaphas, takes extreme measures and enlists a young Pharisee named Saul to begin a violent assault on followers of Christ. In the face of threats, persecution, and even death, James, John, Peter, and the rest of the Jewish believers must rely on raw and untested faith to overcome fearful times and carry out Jesus’ command to build a church that will change the world in his name.


See Christ’s final weeks on earth through the eyes of those closest to him.

Witness the early church’s exciting first days—and then its struggle to remain.

Take an up-close and intimate journey into first-century Israel in …


His Kingdom Come


What was it like for Jesus' closest friends, relatives, and disciples when he conferred the Kingdom of Heaven into their hands? What was it like to have intimately known the Lord on human terms, to have known him while he walked beside them, to then suddenly discover what it meant to know Jesus INSIDE of themselves? What might this pivotal moment in history been like? The beginning of Christianity looked different than it does today. Most of the believers were Jewish and they understood Jesus as their long-awaited Messiah. Jesus was, to those who followed him, the hope of their nation and the Light of the world. However, the Kingdom Jesus ushered in didn't look the way anyone expected and yet the Scripture foretold, in uncanny detail, all that Jesus fulfilled in his life. Jesus is the Jewish Messiah, the Son of Israel; the roots of our faith are Jewish and God's deep love is most wondrously revealed when we understand the degree and extravagant way God came to us. Even though most Christians have heard the story of the beginnings of the church countless times, I don't think there is another book like this one. I set out to make it more true than fiction. I wanted to tell the story in a way that would be fresh and new--that would engage our hearts and minds as only stories can do. I set out to flesh out the historical characters who lived during this astounding time. I wanted to reawaken readers to the reality of what Jesus has done and is still doing for those he calls his own. So, come on a journey ... come and see those extraordinary first few years when Jesus' followers and enemies find themselves caught up in an amazing but difficult time of transition in the epic story of God's redemption.

"HIS KINGDOM COME makes you feel as though you are walking alongside James, Peter, and John with its emotion, adventure, and intrigue. Scripture will come alive for you in this inspired book!"
   -John David Kudric - Editor, Writer, Consultant