Blue Moon

ABOUT Cindy Lynn Speer

Cindy Lynn Speer
I am the author of fantasy and murder mystery titles, all with a little romance to them.  I have three novels, Blue Moon, The Chocolatier's Wife and Unbalanced, and an anthology of short stories But Can You Let Him Go?  I have also been a book reviewer and an editor.  In my free time I  More...



What really happens once in a blue moon? Libby Halstead is about to find out.

Centuries ago, Merlin realized that magic and technology could not co-exist; and so he created the Merlin Stone and cast one last great spell, sundering the two worlds. For us, the only reminders of the world that once was is a handful of tales.

In our time, Libby is the protector of the stone, keeps herself locked away to protect it…and herself. When the stone is stolen, she must find a way to retrieve it before it is used to reunite the worlds.

Fortunately, she has help--Alex, a man with no memory of his past; Zorovin, a dragon who has crossed over from the twilight lands in search of his son; and Sierra, a woman who has forsaken this world and longs for magic. Will they defeat Sabin and his mother, creatures so horrible knowledge of their existence were removed from the hearts and memories of mankind?

The blue moon is rising like a baleful sapphire eye. Magic will return to the earth for one brief night, flowing like a river while good and evil struggle for the stone. A slag pile will become a castle; dead sisters will come back to life. It is a tale filled with magic and wonder, love and myth.