The Fate of America in the Ninth Hour

The Fate of America in the Ninth Hour

ABOUT Kimberly Jackson

Kimberly Jackson
Kimberly Jackson is a kingdom inspirational Christian author, and teacher known for her prophetic voice, timely, raw, and straight to the point messages. Such writings are visible in her creative works of poetry, devotionals, prophetic and inspirational books.

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In the Fate of America, Kimberly Jackson reveals what's going on in the mind of God in the now 21st Century era of happenings concerning America and the Church. It addresses God's judgments upon a nation that continues to ignore Him and adopt heathen practices rooted from the ancient traditions of Babylon, Egypt, Rome, and Greece. 

It exposes the deceptions of this country and the secrets of society hidden behind closed doors.

What does God want from America? What does God want from the Church? What is the ninth hour and how does it effect America and the Church? What are a lot of things we see happening today actually leading up to?

Learn the answers to these questions and many more, as you read this astonishing book of revelation knowledge and truth from the Throne Room of God!

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Frank P.
This book is a must read for all believers. It gives a clear vision of the Kingdom of God. The church should be about kingdom building more than church building.
I really can't express in words how important it is for all believers to read this book. It is ripe for the time we're living in. When you look at what's going on in the world, you will understand why God gave the writer to write this book, and why she named it, The Fate of America in the Ninth Hour.
Fiyah R.
"The Fate of America is a truly stirring book, that will allow those of the Christian faith take a honest look at America. It will challenge the reader to be active in making choices that affect all of American citizens. The book also urges everybody to take a greater responsibility in the future of this country in order to be in consonance with God's will. The book is well written, comprehensible and speaks to us intimately. The author cares very deeply about the fate of America and you can