Slipping Back and Forth Between Parallels

Mystery & Thrillers, Romance

By April Higney

Publisher : April Higney

ABOUT April Higney

April Higney
I am a mom of one beautiful little girl, a writer passionate about poetry, and a new self-published author of a psychological thriller/romance entitled: Slipping Back and Forth Between Parallels. I also enjoy in visual arts, illustrating and painting, as well as photography, and altering the images.


"John Doe" has had the "perfect" life, or at least that is what he can remember to be true, believing in it. His heart is devoted to a woman with the beauty and poise of a model, but a sudden injury finds him in a place questioning who he is, where he is from, and twisting his frame of thought. Everything seems real, even the dreams touching all senses, yet slipping back and forth between each one, to a place where he is with Isabella, and to another with a new love beginning.

There is far more to Isabella than meets the eye, bringing him through memories but ones he struggles to recall, and the merging love with Lillian contains unusual connections from her life to his, scattered amidst the dreams, and this surreal sense of reality. John finds himself grasping portions of each moment to hold onto as he discovers more of how imperfect his life and relationship really had been, or even if those portions he feels aware of had occurred at all.

"SLIPPING BACK AND FORTH BETWEEN PARALLELS" twists in the wonders of the mind, with trauma, infidelity, tragedy, and a passionate love, leaving the reader questioning each moment to figure out what part of John's life is real, and what part is a dream. A tale of what it means to push to the back of the mind pain, and the attempts to recall, let go, and move forward, but can it move forward, and will love stay?

Our character takes on a journey through his psyche, his dreams, his reality, heartache trauma and tragedy, twisted into a love that merges everything he feels around him, and all that he sees...and he is left wondering what to believe in.