Lair of the Jaguar God

Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, Gay & Lesbian

By Marie Dees

Publisher : Liquid Silver Books

ABOUT Marie Dees

Marie Dees
Marie Dees lives in Central Florida where she enjoys gardening and thinking up devious plans for the characters in her novels. Her works include mysteries, romance and erotic romance. The last would surprise the neighbors, but when the weather in Florida gets hot and steamy, so do her characters.


In the steamy Guatemalan jungle, Kit fights to prove his archeological skills while struggling with his attraction to the seductive Tony, who arouses feelings he is desperate to deny. Tony has his own secrets. A were-jaguar, he is still bound to the ruined Mayan city he once protected, but instinct draws him to the reluctant Kit. What power does this young man have over an immortal Mayan god? Will Tony find out before looters destroy the last remains of his ancestors, or will he lose everything, including a chance for freedom?