Ride Or Die Chick

General Fiction

By J.M. Benjamin

Publisher : Flowers In Bloom Publishing

Ride Or Die Chick

ABOUT J.M. Benjamin

J.M. Benjamin
J.M. Benjamin is an Essence Best Selling author hailing from out of Plainfield New Jersey. He is the author of eight titles, consisting of Down In The Dirty, My Manz And 'Em, Ride Or Die Chick 1 & 2, (which are also available in Black Expressions), On The Run With Love, Heaven &  More...



Life isn’t easy for Treacherous or Teflon, but when this modern day Bonnie & Clyde duo hook up life won’t be easy for anyone seeing paper in the state of Virginia. Bonded by tragic childhoods Treacherous and Teflon grew up hard on the streets of VA. But those same Virginia streets will be suffering losses as Ballers from VA or others just visiting the city fall victim to Treach and his Ride Or Die Chick.


With their murderous robbing spree sparing no one, just how long can Treach and Teflon continue to terrorize the streets of Virginia before it catches up to them. Can Treach and his murder Mami, Teflon come out on top?


This modern day tale of Bonnie & Clyde is built on a love stronger than that of Romeo and Juliet. A bonafide gangster, Treacherous is confident that he can’t lose, as long as he has his ride or die chick!