Apply Wisdom to Life's Circumstances

ABOUT Pastor Bobby Keating

Pastor Bobby Keating
I am an Evangelist, author, prison minister, addiction counselor and avid student of the Holy Scripture. When I am not speaking about the Gospel, I am writing about it


Apply Wisdom to Life's Circumstances is a guide to taking the wisdom of the Proverbs and applying that wisdom to circumstance and situations in our daily lives. Relationships, career, projects, problem resolution, finances and communication skills are some of the topics which are covered in this easy to read book. This is a companion to Wisdom: A Commentary on King Solomon's Proverbs.

When I was the Pastor of a small church I noticed that the children in our youth group knew very little about 'life skill.' I decided that the Proverbs was the answer. Often people would seek my advice on relationships, finances, career choices, problems at work, etc. I decided that a good foundation in the Proverbs was key to their success.

Dr. Candace House - The Wisdom that has been granted to Pastor Bobby is mind blowing! God has granted him insight into the mind of Christ. The scriptures come alive and are practical to everyday situations. 

Pastor Bobby of Christian Success Institute has made it His life's work to make the Word of God understood in a simplistic fashion that even a child can partake of the riches of God's Word. 

His desire is for you to be fruitful in every good work and that you live the Abundant life that Christ has provided. This work shows you step by step how to realize your potential and purpose through the study of Proverbs. With this book you will have all of the tooks needed to get stated on your journey of discovering how to live a victorious life.