The Night Trade

General Fiction, Romance, Young Adult

By Vanessa Mullings

Publisher : Laseland Publishing

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Vanessa Mullings
Vanessa Mullings is constantly seeking ways and outlets to not only showcase her known talent and abilities, but to also challenge the bold and expressive visionary to move beyond that which she sees. Recently venturing into other avenues of writing, Mullings is now working on several proj More...


Behind the huge glass doors of The Ranch is a world of lust, temptation, extravagance, and glamour.  This powerful tale chronicles the journey of five intriguing women who sought to better their lives by entering to one of the world's oldest professions known to man.  

Although each woman is so different from one another, and stems from such varied backgrounds, all five women still shared a common bond-the desire to improve life as they knew it.  Mia, a young newlywed in the midst of financial problems wanted to secure enough money to pursue her dream of opening her own dental practice.  Bre, an aspiring model, needed additional funds to travel to the larger cities and build her portfolio.  

Omyra, tired of being reliant upon one abusive boyfriend after another, looked for financial freedom to be independent.  Kai, robbed of a childhood and tired of having the weight of the world on her shoulders, needed excessive amounts of money to support her rock star partying lifestyle.  Crystal, a teenage mother and thrown out of her home, was determined to get through college with or without a scholarship.  The lure of money, however, proved to be too strong as each of these dreams of these women began to fade behind the green tint of the almighty dollar.  The potential to earn unbelievable amounts of money also came with the nightmarish reality of sex, drugs, betrayal, and murder.  This is a story about ordinary women who got caught up in an extraordinary life.  These women faced disrespect for their choices, and pined to be forgiven for their mistakes.  

Five women who searched for the chance to love and be loved ended up struggling with challenges that they never thought awaited them as the well dressed doormen escorted them down a life changing corridor.  Once, you enter into The Ranch, you just might not leave the same way you came.

We know you have many choices for purchasing books, and appreciate your business. It is my pleasure to provide you with a high-quality page turner novel. “THE NIGHT TRADE” is the emotionally-charged story of five strong-willed, ambitious and intelligent young women whose paths may have varied, yet led them all to one common destination-the "glamorous‟, lucrative, and sometimes dangerous world of exotic dancing. “THE NIGHT TRADE” was written to demonstrate the camaraderie, love, struggles, and plight of those women who resort to using the art of "seductive entertainment‟ in order to overcome their adversities, improve their lives or merely feel a sense of belonging and self-worth. It's time to stop "judging a book by its cover‟ and actually open the book. The "preface‟ just may interest you. And if you are not careful, you may even learn something. As it can be argued that professional exotic dancers are the victims of exploitation, there is also the counterpoint that these individuals have benefited from and capitalized on this business. This fictional scroll is a reflection of these women, as they are depicted in a realistic light and not stereotyped as home wreckers, sexual objects, or groupies. The women are real...their stories, unfortunately, are even more real. Welcome to The Night Trade!

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Book, April 12, 2011
This review is from: The Night Trade (Paperback)
"The Nigt Trade" is a must have, page turner, that grabs you and keeps you at the edge of your seat. The author Vanessa Mullings, keeps you entertained and engulfed in the five main characters lives while they live through the underworld of exotic dancing. This intellectually written masterpiece will give you a keen sense of enlightenment for the adult entertainment industry which will also leave you a little bit more educated. As an author, Vanessa Mullings, has expertly written this novel that will keep you engaged step by step with each character. CONGRATULATIONS to the author can't wait for the next novel!

This review is from: The Night Trade (Paperback)
This is a must have book...this work is powerful, original and larger than life...The author draws you in with each character...a natural page turner...I recommend this book to anyone looking for a good read...kudos to the author...

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This review is from: The Night Trade (Paperback)
Vanessa Mullings' "The Night Trade" expertly delves into the mysterious and distorted world of stripping in a way that will keep you turning the digital pages of your iPad, Nook or Kindle! Revealed through the complex lives of five intriguing, determined and driven young women, "The Night Trade" kicks down the dark glass doors of the adult entertainment industry, and debunks the common misconceptions and prejudices that often unjustly define the many women who resort to the age-old profession of sex and seduction. Haunted by their painful pasts, and captivated by the promise of fast money, these five women sacrifice their morality and self-worth, and subject themselves to demoralization and objectification, all for the dollar bill! Or is it really?! From despair, abuse, neglect and self-loathing emerge self-awareness, sisterhood, love, acceptance and transformation. "The Night Trade" promises to be an entertaining, yet eye-opening page-turner, and it does not disappoint!! Anxiously awaiting Vanessa's next book!!!