ABOUT Yatin J. Patel MD MBA

Yatin J. Patel MD MBA
I am a board certified sleep physician, founder and medical director of Center for Sleep Studies at IU Health Goshen Hospital. My friends jokingly introduce me as World's only sleep doc with an MBA from Notre Dame!   



Sleep deprived leaders have shaped the history of human civilization This book shall change that.

This one of  a kind book first educates our business and political leaders about the importance of sound sleep of sufficient duration when it comes to effective leadership. And then it gives them tools and techniques to help them excel when sleep deprivation is unavoidable.

It teaches them how to maximize alertness and then leverage this alertness to maximize emotional intelligence, information management, selflessness, and spirituality using a revolutionary tool called AEI∞ model of Supreme Leadership. 

This 180 page book is an easy read made easier with generous use of bulleted lists, graphs, and tables.

It is my firm belief that the time invested in reading this book shall pay handsome dividends by taking your leadership to even greater heights.
"This book is a masterpiece...a book for our time...He doesn’t just present the problem of sleep deprivation but provides us with answers." -Marc Royer, PhD, Pastor, Inspirational Speaker, Author. "If you want something that is comprehensible and profound that will help you sleep well, live well and lead well, then buy his book. Your return on investment would make Gordon Gecko envious of your profit." -Dr. Ralph Downey III, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at Loma Linda University. 

"I especially like the triad of informational, emotional and alertness intelligences working in concert...AEImax seems inherently true and correct. The expansion to include the selfless service and spiritual portions certainly complete the picture." - Patty Tucker, Sleep Coach, Physician Assistant (Stanford School of Medicine)