Texas Tales Illustrated


By Mike Kearby

Publisher : TCU Press

ABOUT Mike Kearby

Mike Kearby
Mike Kearby, a retired high school Reading and English teacher, is the author of nine novels. The Road to a Hanging (2006), Ride the Desperate Trail (2007), and Ambush at Mustang Canyon (fall, 2007), completed his Young Adult trilogy published by Dorchester Publishing (NY). Ambush at Must More...



Texas Tales Illustrated ~ The Revolution tells the story of Texas Independence as seen through the eyes of children cast into the conflict. 

In the grand tradition of Rosenfield and Patton's Texas History Movies and the wonderful graphic novels of Jack Jackson, we now have Mike Kearby and Mack White's marvelous Texas Tales illustrated. Clear writing, great art, and solid history make for a winning combination that will delight and educate readers both young and old. - Paul Andrew Hutton, University of New Mexico


Mike Kearby and Mack White's Texas Tales is more than just a well-illustrated graphic novel of the Texas Revolution. Their personal approach to reliving the Alamo, Goliad and San Jacinto through the eyes of both Texians and Tejanos vividly illustrates the drama facing
frontier pioneers caught in the independence movement that created the Lone Star State. Texas Tales is a historically accurate and refreshing approach to educating and entertaining readers of all ages on the
Texas Revolution.

                    -Stephen L. Moore, author of Eighteen Minutes: The Battle of San Jacinto and the Texas Independence Campaign