The Queen's Envoy

General Fiction, Humor

By Lord David Prosser

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ABOUT Lord David Prosser

Lord David Prosser
A retired ex Local Government Officer with a horse mad wife, a cat who acts as my alarm clock at the time he wants me to get up, and a daughter who must be wonderful because she thinks her dad is. I live in a small village in North Wales and became an author almost by accident when a frien More...



The preview to My Barsetshire Diary in which David inherits his title and retires from work only to be asked to take on a job that his late cousin did as an unofficial envoy to HMG. Lord David is a fish out of water travelling the world trying to solve embarrassing  little problems. With him attracting the attention of so many females can he return to the formidable Lady J in one piece?

I was asked how Lord David acquired his Title and also why in the first book in the series ( My Barsetshire Diary) he sometimes uses crutches and sometimes not. This seemed to be the best way to explain, by creating a prequel that answered the questions and also explained what he had been doing since he retired early.

The book is highly original but it's delightful humour brings to mind a charming glimpse of a character worthy of a P.G.Wodehouse novel mixed with touches of a mature but still somewhat innocent candide.
Ilil Arbel. Author

If you are looking for a charming and entertaining read in which you will giggle your way through, then this book is it! From almost the very first page I was bubbling with laughter, and the trend continued to the end.

When a young government official, whose only concerns in the beginning stem from a minor motor vehicle accident and his wife's penchant for swiping his wallet, is suddenly the bearer of the title, Lord of Bouldnor, and pressed into Her Majesty's service, our small-village gentleman suddenly becomes an English hero. With characters such as wife Lady J and daughter Ysabel, who keep Lord David humble, and Oscar the cat, who reminds Lord David on multiple occasions just who is the boss in his family, Lord David fills his new role with the humility of a saint. Sent on various missions, Lord David swiftly and matter-of-factly saves the crown from financial ruin, blackmail, and diplomatic assassinations with the ease of a pro, only to return home to his loving wife and daughter and his eternal nemesis, Oscar, as though nothing ever happened.

With characters such as Dr. Jekyll and a cafe owner who inadvertently poisons him as well as a small village that spreads gossip via jungle drums, Lord David's story is entirely way too entertaining not to enjoy. Though not a fast-paced spy adventure, you will laugh your way through and love this humble James Bond with his self-deprecating humor and eager to please disposition. I highly recommend David and Ilil's story for a great laugh.


Collette Scott. Author.