How to Start a Business: Mac Version

ABOUT Kevin Cullis

Kevin Cullis, Entrepreneur, Mac Evangelist, Business Geek, Husband, AF Vet, authored a Mac business book, readaholic, analytical, and balding.



No matter if you run an online business or a traditional brick-and-mortar business, there is a computer at the center of it. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs resist technology and never fully maximize what their computers can do. In many cases, entrepreneurs may be searching for solutions to difficult business problems - solutions that are hiding in plain sight, right on their computers!

Business technology expert Kevin Cullis wants to change this. How to Start a Business: Mac Version will provide you with a concise roadmap for starting or growing a business using a Mac computer.

If you've never used a Mac before, you'll find that switching platforms is easier than you think. From creating a business plan to tracking cash flow ... from designing presentations to recording and publishing videos ... Cullis shows you exactly how to use your Mac to grease the wheels of your business - and get more done in less time.

After reading How to Start a Business: Mac Version, your computer will no longer be something to fear or avoid, but rather something to make your business run more smoothly than you ever imagined! Among the many things you'll learn:

* How to make money with your Mac.
* How to set up your business the right way the first time.
* How to implement your business plan and get your first customer.
* How to start a business in college, or open a medical or law office after college. 
* How to use your Mac's built-in software to affordably advertise your business and attract new customers.
* And much, much more!

How to Start a Business: Mac Version is your shortcut to an intelligently run business that uses technology the smart way: to make difficult business processes more efficient, more enjoyable, and more profitable.

I've sold computers, both PCs and Macs, to businesses for over a decade, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses always had the same questions regarding how to use a computer for their business, so I have taken my years of experience helping them and put it into book form. From their initial "idea" I walk entrepreneurs through the necessary steps how to use the Mac with business plans, project plans, marketing, and sales through to their "Grand Opening Day."