Finding Grace: A Novel

ABOUT Charlotte Hawkins

Charlotte Hawkins
I'm a romantic and a nature lover. I live in a quiet country town and I live to write. I'm known by my pen name, Charlotte Hawkins, under which I write romance novels, and also by my real name, Sarah Pawley, under which I write my literary novels. Thanks for reading!



Grace is seventeen. She is bold, intelligent...and unmarried. In the eyes of her family and her mountain born neighbors, she is hopelessly willful. But she is determined to forge her own path, come what may. When her parents try to force her hand in marriage, she flees, seeking out her brother and his wife, who once watched over her. Settling down with them, she finds a new life...and possible romance with a handsome neighbor. But the past will come back to haunt her, possibly destroying the happiness she has worked so hard to find.