Awe-Full Moments: Spirituality in the Commonplace

ABOUT Richard Bauman

Richard Bauman
Richard Bauman is a freelance writer and author. For more than thirty years he has specialized in writing articles on history, travel, health, general interest and spirituality. He is the author of the several books: Awe-Full Moments: Spirituality in the Commonplace, It Made a Difference t More...



Awe-Full Moments is about a butterfly “lifting” a 300 pound man; the special reunion of a brother and sister 42 years after she died; the life-saving trick of an angel and 27 other stories of spiritual regeneration and growth. The stories in this book are about recognizing the spiritual blessings so often hidden in life disasters; how painful events can be the catalyst for change, spiritual growth and life-giving energy.  ts stories show how awful moments can lead us to AWE-FULL MOMENTS.

It's a collection of articles about personal life events where I believe I could see God working in them. Most of the stories were published previously in religious and spirituality journals.

“(The author) has discovered that it is through our openness and willingness to see God working in our lives that the awful becomes the awe-full.”  Dianne Murray, Cross Point

“Awe-Full Moments focuses on strengthening one’s relationship with God through life’s awful moments rather than in spite of them.”  Upscale Magazine

“This book (is) a powerful presentation of an almighty and loving…God that works His divine wonder into the most ordinary situations we face each day…(It) left no doubt as to the enormous capacity of God’s bountiful love…” Tom Bernsten,


“A collection of essays…(on) finding awe, wonder and even comfort in strange or terrible events…(it) encourages people to see life’s painful or remarkable moments as ‘awe-full’ rather than awful.”  Aisha Mori, Los Angeles Times

“Bauman shares with us how everyday life experiences can often mask some very important lessons…he focuses on how unpleasant, even tragic events, often provide us moments of pure joy…the awful becomes ‘awe-full’…(it) is easy to read and would be a wonderful gift.”  Linda Bowen, Christian Families Online.