An Associated History of Salmo and Ymir

An Associated History of Salmo and Ymir

ABOUT MaryBeth VanderMeulen

MaryBeth VanderMeulen
I am a certified cartoonist and I have been writing since 1970. My writing career began as a freelance feature writer and I was also an area correspondent.
Last year I finished my first historical novel entitled "The Associated History of Salmo & Ymir". I am in the proce More...



Salmo has a colorful history and Ymir was once a huge, thriving city. Both have been written about but neither has received a complete detailed account from conception to the year 2000.
My book details events and changes through time and includes the concise history of satellite communities surrounding Salmo and Ymir.
Mining and logging played a large role in the area and so is included. Pioneer accomplishments through vision, financial investment and hard labor are also given their rightful due here.