Gay & Lesbian, General Fiction

By Sherry Michelle

Publisher : Sherry Michelle

ABOUT Sherry Michelle

Sherry Michelle
Sherry Michelle was born and raised in sunny South Florida; Miami to be exact. A single mother of two who enjoys reading and writing during her leisure time. During her adolescent years she was recognized by her 9th grade English teacher for a poem she wrote titled "Me". Unfortun More...


Where there’s chaos you’re sure to find Danielle Cyrus; a mistress content, until propositioned for a threesome by her married boyfriend Malik Michaels. For the most part, Danielle’s a willing participant as she strives to satisfy all of Malik’s desires. Unfortunately, this act of selflessness on Danielle’s part spins a perplexed web of regret; derived of sex, lies, and betrayal.

With a tangible craving to touch, feel, and taste another woman, Danielle finds herself breaking all the rules. Exploring new avenues she never even desired. Through her winding journey of self discovery, she finds herself rethinking past decisions. Her attempts to live her life as she see’s fit, leads to unexpected, heart-breaking results. In time, Danielle soon finds internal peace, in her own, surprising way.

"Chaos" is a winding ride through a woman's life as she handles experiences of growth, love, tragedy and revenge. Danielle finds herself rethinking the decisions of her past after catering to the desires of others for so long. Her attempts to live her life as she pleases lead to stirring and heart breaking results. The support of her loving, friend, Max, plus strength from other unexpected areas help her survive. With time and patience, Danielle is able to find peace in her own, surprising way.

"Chaos" is a wonderful read with characters who are unique but reminiscent of people in our everyday life. The plot and sub-plots flow smoothly leaving a pleasing understanding of each character's background and place in current events. Be prepared to be stimulated mentally and physically while being touched emotionally as you ride with Danielle into the unexpected.~ Kat of SOI (Sippingonink)