Desperately Seeking Employment: A Memoir of Misadventures

ABOUT Erin L George

Erin L George
Erin L George is freelance writer and poet from Southern, NH. George's work has appeared in journals and magazines since 1995. She's received numerous awards from the New England Press Association for her work as a journalist. Most recently, George was published in the 2010 Savant Poetry  More...



Desperately Seeking Employment is a personal memoir about my journey through more than a year of unemployment hell. Laid off in one of the worse recessions the country has ever seen, I never expected to be unemployed nearly two years later. In the “good old days,” it was easy. My resume is tight, my references are solid, and I’ve always been able to land any job I wanted – first try.

When I began my naiveté journey, I had no idea I’d wind up applying for jobs I’d never imagined considering. Unable to land a job as a maid in a local hotel, I began writing about my interactions with quirky potential employers and the great lengths I’ve been to go become gainfully employed. From an interview with a hippie throw-back running a rehab with no security, to my amazement in being turned down for a janitor’s position, Desperately Seeking Employment is a hopeful, spirited, and brutally honest look at what it takes to get a job in the new American economy.

This memoir will appeal to the millions who have been affected by the recession and snug job market. Readers will catch themselves saying “Oh yeah, I know how that is!” and “Wow. I haven’t tried that yet!” as they follow me through the unemployment line and on hopeful job leads.