10 Easy Steps to Write a Book Marketing Plan

There are many people who love to writing books. Book writing is a great activity and it can offer a lot of knowledge to the person who read it as well as write it. Writing a book is a thrilling, exciting, interesting and challenging thing. The writer’s job is not finished with the writing of his or her book. He or she needs to take her book to wider audience in order to get recognition that they wish for. They need to promote their book and it will help the book writers to reach to their targeted audience with ease. It is important for the writers to implement right tactics to promote their book.

Following are 10 Easy Steps to Write a Book Marketing Plan:

1. Social Media

Today, we will live in a world where social media is ruling the interests and time of human beings. People have become addicted to different social media channels including Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, and many more. Book writers are required to make the maximum use of these social media channels in order to get wide recognition to their book. Giving details of your book in these social media channels will help you to give your book more exposure and publicity.

2. Go Digital

None of the book writers can ignore the importance of digital channels when they write and publish their books. The book writers are required to go digital when they publish their books with the purpose of getting the attention of extensive audience. Though traditional media campaigns still play a vital role in the marketing plans for new books, they are no longer sufficient to meet all your marketing needs. To make the most of a book publicity campaign, you require reaching out to your readers directly by creating and fostering a powerful online presence.

3. Write The Best Book You Can

As a marketing strategy, it is very important for the writers to write the best book that they can. Writing an interesting and excellent book is what helps you to win marketing battle. No marketing cleverness and marketing methods will assist a hideous or poorly written book to be successful. Greatly written books become successful with little or no marketing methods.

4. Identify Your Target Reader

It is very crucial for you to spot your target reader and understand how to draw his attention to your published book. You should think like the reader in every phase of your marketing and it will help you to catch the attention of your readers very easily. When you identify your audience, it is going to be easy for you to reach to your clients and also to implement right marketing approaches.

5. Understand Where Your Audience Spend Time

It is important for the writers to understand where their audience spends their time. The best parts of people across the world spend much of their time in different social media networks including Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, and many more. If you try to give importance to promoting your newly publishing book in these social media channels, you will be able to reach to a lot of clients and also lets you to get more exposure online.

6. Build Your Website

One of the essential things that every book writer should have in the modern era is a website of his own. Writers require having a website and it will aid them to post their latest news and information in their website. It also helps the writers to tell about their upcoming books and also give link to their past written books. The website that you create should be built around you.

7. Guest Blog Posts

Doing guest blog posts come and a great marketing method for the book writers to promote their books to their targeted audience. Writers have got to write down a couple of ideas for remarkable guest blog posts that are related to your book so that you can reach to more readers and eventually, influence them to purchase your publishing books. Writers shouldn’t ignore the value of guest blog posts and it can bring many positive results to writers when they publish their books including more sales, exposure, earn more readers, etc.

8. Interviews

Undeniably, interviews can make a huge difference when you aim to publish your newly written book. You should make sure to arrange interviews for you. You can find many film makes and successful book writers arranging interviews before publishing their books or releasing their movies. Interviews can give wide recognition and popularity to your book. More importantly, you can tell others that your book is going to hit the market in a specific day through interviews.

9. Do Your Research

Research will be the base of your marketing plan and you should not avoid research if you would like to get better results. Research will help you to understand strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your book that is going to be published. It will help you to understand your buyer personas and get to know the demographics of the buyers you are giving focus on.

10. Know Your Strategy

It is crucial for the writers to understand their promotion strategy and it will aid them to realize if your marketing method is effective or enough to catch the attention of your readers. It is very crucial for you to identifying your goals, recognizing your unique selling proposal, making certain you have a strong brand, ensuring you have an optimized website, generating relevant and attractive content, knowing your circulation channels including email and social media, and also having an effective SEO tactic.

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