Step-By-Step Guide to Starting a Lifestyle Story Writing

Lifestyle involves all the processes which are the standards and ideals to spend a life in some specified style and is unique for all human beings.

The etiquettes to spend a life according to preferred choices, is loosely termed as “lifestyle”. There are different external forces in our environments which influence our moods, thoughts, and behaviors. We all get influenced by these extrinsic factors. All human beings have their own unique lifestyles which make them distinct from each other. Lifestyle is very dear to all of us. There are different lifestyles in the world and each lifestyle has different notions and outlooks which make it unique and all people cherish their lifestyles. Lifestyle story writing is the reflection of lifestyle and it should be started by keeping following steps in minds.

guide to start life style story

Specify your lifestyle for writing

There are different lifestyles and as discussed earlier there are different external elements which determine our lifestyles. The way we spend our lives is different from the rest. So, always bear in mind certain values and of the lifestyle you are going to write about. There are urban, rural and so many mixed cultured lifestyles. Focus on the characteristics of the lifestyle who are interested in and then you would be quite clear with the process of writing on lifestyles. The readers would get confused if a writer has targeted all the different lifestyles in one writing so be specific about the lifestyle you are going to write on.

A writer should write about the changes in the given lifestyle

Changes keep the spirit of life alive and it is not possible that lifestyle is not subject to change. Every lifestyle goes through different changes and modifications which help it to adjust in the society. Try to write about these petty changes and adjustments which are seen in some specific lifestyle. These changes will tell the readers that how this lifestyle has modified itself according under social influences. A writer should write all the changes in a transitional manner which shows the changes and their effects on the given lifestyle in a subsequent manner. This linking will help the readers to understand how one change affected the lifestyle and how it is related to the next change.

Write about the relationship of lifestyle and thoughts

Thoughts and lifestyles alternatively influence each other in certain ways. A write should note that how this specific lifestyle has influenced the thoughts of the people who have adopted the given lifestyle. Of course, we all have noticed in our daily lives that there is a stark difference between the thoughts of urban and rural lifestyles, both of these lifestyles are different from each other and govern the thoughts of the people who have adopted them. A writer should develop a link between lifestyle and a thought process. It should be written in a way which develops urge to know in readers about that specific lifestyle.

A writer should know about the culture prevalent in the said lifestyle

Cultural influences are quite commonly seen in different lifestyles. A culture covers so many things, outfits, religions, rituals and festivals. A writer should conduct a thorough research on the given culture and write about it. He/she should write in a natural way which is not intended to change or persuade the readers but it is just written to inform people about that lifestyle. A writer should notice that urban lifestyles are usually influences by the society they move in whereas; rural lifestyles reflect their norms, religions, moral and ethical values. So, rural lifestyles cherish their cultures, norms, religions and ideals as compared to urban lifestyles.

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A writer should compare the given lifestyle with other lifestyles

A writer should draw a comparison between a given lifestyle and other lifestyles of the same country. He/she should write about some similarities and differences of the given lifestyle with other lifestyles of the same country or region. A writer should narrate the influence of the environment on the given lifestyle and other lifestyles. It will tell the readers that how people change their mindsets and changes their lifestyles consequently. This comparison will tell the readers that how is their lifestyle different and unique from the rest. The comparison is also essential because it will help readers to better understand the underlying patterns of the given lifestyle which make it unique from the other lifestyles. Therefore, coursework writers should guide the readers by giving them examples of different lifestyles which help them to critically evaluate any other lifestyle in their societies.

Role of socioeconomic status on the lifestyle

A writer should develop the link between the socioeconomic status and the lifestyle. It is one of the most important elements to determine the lifestyle of people. When people move to high class society from a low class society, they tend to change their old lifestyle in order to get adjusted and accepted in the upper class society. A writer should note that income is directly related to the ways people choose to spend their lives. The people who live in high class society have an urge to get fame in rich society and therefore, they don’t care much about their ancestors’ cultures and norms, they just care about themselves and want to look individual and unique among the rest. They want to become the center of attention and they spend a lot of money on it. Their attires, houses, cars and every single thing are latest and up to date because they want to look fashionable and up to date. So, a writer should highlight the role of socioeconomic status in changing people’s lifestyles.

These steps would guide a writer to write a lifestyle story of any given lifestyle. This is not a random process and needs proper research which guides a writer to analyze the given lifestyle in a better way. A story of any lifestyle must start with its initial form and the changes which modified the given lifestyle. It should be natural and doesn’t intend to persuade the readers, the main aim of a writer should be entertaining the readers by giving them useful knowledge about the given lifestyle.

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