7 Resources to Help With Your #KDP #Free Days Promotions

Many BookBuzzr authors have been experimenting with the KDP Select 5 Free Days Program where you giveaway your book free for 5 days during a 90 day period. Now, just giving your book away may not be enough to get thousands of people to download your book since there are over 3,000 books being given away for free every day. You will need to promote your KDP Select promotion. Here are 7 resources that we curated to help you make the most of your KDP Free Days:

  1. A blog post by Phyllis Zimbler Miller that talks about her experiences with KDP Select.
  2. A completely free Kindle eBook Marketing directory by James Thomson on Smashwords ( thanks to Shelley Hitz for pointing out this resource.)
  3. An article by Ryan Casey about how he hit the top of the Amazon charts through a KDP free promo.
  4. A definitive guide by author David Mc Gowan which includes links to other articles as well as lists of people to inform about your promotion.
  5. A GoodReads forum to help you inform other authors and readers about your free book giveaway.
  6. A book by J. Patrick Thomas titled ‘How to Get Five Figure Downloads‘. This book provides a list of the best places to promote your book. This book is not free and is nominally priced.
  7. An Amazon forum where you can inform other authors and readers about your free days.
Got another resource that may help other authors? Share in the comments below!
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