An Example of a Good Book Trailer

Most book-trailers don’t receive any attention from readers. Problems with many book-trailers include the following:

1. The music does not match the mood of the books

2. They are too long

3. They are too wordy

This particular book-trailer of a book by author – L. Anne Carrington does not have any of these problems.

  • The music matches the mood of the book and is likely to appeal to it’s target demographic (mostly sporty young men and some women.)
  • It is short – just 57 seconds long.
  • And it does an admirable job of describing the story in just a few short sentences.

The producers of this book-trailer have been frugal in making the book-trailer. Probably a simple PowerPoint presentation with a background music score converted into a video. Just shows you that you don’t need to spend a fortune in creating a book-trailer.

It’s no surprise that the book has received a tremendous amount of interest on with over 1,300 full-screen views already recorded. You can also learn more about the book and read a preview in BookBuzzr format below:

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7 thoughts on “An Example of a Good Book Trailer

  1. Hi Stanice,
    Glad it helped.
    BTW, I checked out your website. It’s very well designed. Lots of interesting elements. I particularly liked the iPhone like widget on the right column that contains your playlist.
    And I’m looking forward to your book!



  2. What a pleasant surprise to find you’d use my trailer as an example for your blog. Compared to other trailer’s I’ve seen, I always thought mine was a bit plain and generic. It actually took several minutes to put together one night using Movie Maker before it was uploaded on YouTube. Thanks to your blog entry, however, more interest in my book has increased more! Thank you. =)

  3. Hi Anne,

    Thanks for letting us know the specifics of how you made the book-trailer. I personally loved it (probably because I’m among the target audience!)

    Hope this book gains the readership it deserves!



  4. It is a good song, but lately I’ve wondered about permissions, copyright, and fair use. Mainly because I’ve been making teasers myself. I notice the “Music by Steriogram” credit in the video’s info and I wonder if that’s enough. Technically, these could be considered advertisements, which usually require licensing fees. Apple used the same song in one of its iPod commercials, but I’d wager they paid a hefty fee for the use.

    I just wonder about what happens if Capitol records notices the use and alerts Youtube. I mean, sure, the fix is just finding some new music and putting it behind the same text, which most video editing software does pretty easily, but I’d just worry about the consequences of using the song.

    Of course, that’s with the assumption that the author didn’t get permission first. Which may be a false assumption, but then again, I’d wager some authors might not.

  5. I disagree. This doesn’t make me want to read this book at all. Average at best. I know how the famous saying goes, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” but I feel leaving this negative response is the only way I can move forward with my life after wasting some of it surfing to this exact spot. I’m not particularly picking on this specific person who’s had a go at writing a book, but, authors have to try WAY harder than this. Have a nice day.

  6. Hey Rob,

    Thanks for stopping by. I also went over to your blog and enjoyed reading the blog post on your Amazon experiment.

    With regard to your comment above, it would have been good if you’d provided specific, actionable suggestions to the author rather than state a blanket opinion (and you know what they say about opinions …)



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