Book Marketing Mistake Number 3 – Not Promoting the Personality Behind the Book

The Seven Book Marketing Mistakes That Authors Make (Part 4 of 8 )
A book is essentially a conversation between the author and the reader (with the author doing most of the talking.) If you have to spend 6 hours listening to somebody, would you not want to know a little more about the person? Would you not care to see how the person looks, how he sounds, what music he or she listens to, which books he or she reads, what keeps him awake at night, what are his weaknesses etc?

And yet, time after time we see books with little of the author’s personality showing through. In fact, we’ve been surprised by the number of profiles created on BookBuzzr that don’t have the author’s photo showing up. When you show your photo, you come across as a real person whose message or story deserves reading. As an author, think of yourself as a celebrity. People want to learn more about your life and personality.

Think up interesting facts about your background and highlight them. Or think about the story behind your book and write about it. People love to read stories and most books have an interesting story behind its writing. For example, a few weeks ago, we received an email from an author from Iceland who wanted some help with promoting his book. Now the special thing about this author is that he is paralyzed from an accident that he suffered over 20 years ago. This caught our interest and we helped this author with his book promotion.

Or take a look at this story behind the writing of a book by author Laura Hinds

“I always wanted to write a book, but put it off like most people do for “someday”. Well, someday came and hit me in the head when I learned of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) which happens every November with a great supportive online and offline group community. One day before the event began, I signed up. Vowed to use the first words I heard the next morning as the title. Hubby was up, getting ready for work and said “Are you gonna eat that banana?” I had to stick to my guns and that was the title! From there the characters named themselves and told me there story, bit by bit. I finshed with nearly 65,000 words when only 50,000 were required!”

Don’t you feel like at least taking a quick peek at this book? I know I did.

Or take a look at how poet Michele Brenton describes her book:

Alternative Poetry Books – Yellow edition
It’s yellow and red and will sit on your shelf
waiting for its friends;
There will be another six
before this series ends.

It isn’t exclusively funny and it isn’t entirely sad
like life my poetry series
will lead you through
times good and bad.

Each Alternative Poetry Book
will be of a different hue,
To send a rainbow message
of hope from me to you.

I don’t expect to change the world
or even cause a riot,
But I’ll know I got my message through
If you care enough to buy it.

Another example is of author Arlette Gaffrey . When you look at her profile, you will be amazed by her positive spirit, her diverse interests and by the fact that she is nearly 80 years old! Her profile information starts out with the words “When I was eighteen, I began modeling and I loved it. It was shortly after World War II and it was time for beautiful clothes to come back. I was lucky to be able to wear the best high fashions that were all the rage at the time. I modeled until I was in my late fifties. I was also married to a career Naval Officer who was a pilot. I have three children and six grandchildren.
When an author starts out sounding like this, you are almost ready to pick up her book and get transported to her world.

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(NOTE: The author wishes to thank Chetan Dhruve, Freya and other members of the BookBuzzr team for their inputs into this series of articles.)

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