Book Review – Top Tips for How to Market Your Book on Amazon and Facebook by Phyllis Zimbler Miller

This short book quickly gets to the point and helps the newbie author in getting a marketing presence created on Facebook and Amazon. Phyllis has spent time and played around with various available technologies in writing this book. On a variety of topics (especially when it comes to Amazon), Phyllis provides recaps of actual conversations and email interactions with Amazon representatives which saves you time.

This book will help answer a number of questions such as:

Why your book categories listed on a physical book on Amazon may not be the same as the book categories for the same title in Kindle format.

  • How to bring an Amazon book store on your Facebook page
  • How, on Amazon, the Author Central Profile is not the same as your Amazon public profile.
  • How to get Amazon to show a person that your book exists in both – the Kindle and paperback editions when they visit your book’s page on Amazon
  • How to get publicity for your book while reviewing another author’s book (add your name at the end of your review)
  • How to Tweet your review by getting the permalink for your book review
  • How to setup your Facebook page if you are a co-author for a book

This book is hands-on, practical and action-oriented. Spending an hour reading this book will help you save a significant amount of time while clarifying a number of peculiarities about two of the most important author marketing platforms in the publishing environment today.

Buy the book here.

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