Free E-Book Give-away: ’31 Day Guide to Making Money as an Affiliate’

A few days ago, I received an email from Shelley Hitz that went something like this:

“Congratulations! You’ve earned $ today.”

Upon opening the contents, I learned that we’d earned about $20. Granted that the amount is not large. But it was still exciting since we seemed to have earned this money rather mysteriously. Upon digging into my own brain further, I remembered that I’d signed up BookBuzzr as an affiliate for Shelley Hitz‘s website.

Now I’ve got two goals:

1. I want to explore this whole concept of affiliate selling further

2. I want the BookBuzzr author community to also profit from this seemingly easy method of making money online.

I learned from Shelley’s affiliate manager – Heather that they have a spring celebration going on. Each of the affiliates can review one of Shelley’s products and host a give-away. So I opted to review a relevant e-book titled 31 Day Guide to Making Money as an Affiliate (affiliate link.)

This book is a 31 day workbook with activities for each day. It starts with the very basics such as choosing a niche, domain name, a web host and an auto-responder. It then moves on to some really valuable and actionable suggestions including:

  • Creating landing pages that work
  • Attracting traffic to your blog
  • Optimizing content for search engines
  • Using social media to drive targeted traffic
  • Building a profitable sales funnel
It even has plenty of templates thrown in for every possible situation during the life of your business as an affiliate marketer!

I love the fact that the emphasis in this book is on taking action with very little theorizing.

This book is definitely useful if you’d like to understand how affiliate marketing works.

Free E-Book Give-away Worth $20: 

Now as part of their spring celebration which ends on 30th April, Shelley’s team is giving away one copy of their e-book. To get a copy, you simply need to leave a message at the end of this blog post and one lucky winner (drawn randomly on my trusty excel spreadsheet) will walk away with a free copy of this e-book.

Go ahead and hope your spring brings you lots of opportunities for profit as an affiliate marketer!

Vikram Narayan is the founder of BookBuzzr Book Marketing Technologies. Follow him on Twitter
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3 thoughts on “Free E-Book Give-away: ’31 Day Guide to Making Money as an Affiliate’

  1. Hi Bookbuzzr
    Thanks for bringing this giveaway
    I would like to win the 31 Day Guide to Making Money as an Affiliate. Being a student, learning to make extra money always helps. So, I would be very happy to win this.

  2. Hi Hitesh and Lana,

    Thanks for stopping by and participating! Shelley Hitz should be in touch with one of you soon.



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