Indie Authors and Foreign Rights Offerings

This month, we were delighted to know from Shelley Stout , one of our authors, that she has been contacted by foreign rights agents regarding her two novels. Shelley Stout is the author of ‘Radium Halos’ and ‘Celebrities For Breakfast’. We wish her all the very best.
But this also got us thinking …
Is it easy for Indie Authors to get foreign rights offers for their books?
Do you know of other authors who’ve won foreign rights offers? Have you won any such foreign rights offers?
Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Indie Authors and Foreign Rights Offerings

  1. Great topic. I really think this is going to be big in the future. I sold Japanese rights to my first original ebook “Love Me” to Fusosha. The publisher contacted me personally and then my agent (Jessica Faust, bookends) negotiated the deal. It was a real thrill to sell that book!
    Bella Andre

  2. Hi,
    I’m a self-published author having one of my books on Smashwords, Amazon etc. One day I got an email from Poland from a big publishing house. They had seen the English version of my book (Blue-eyed in Luhya-land) on Smashwords and wanted to buy the rights for a Polish version! They are translating it right now and it will be on the market within approx a year. The fact that someone was willing to make a translation of the book made me realize that my book maybe was worth something.

    Thanks a lot for this amazing place, which has inspired me to work more on the marketing issues.
    Warm regards from a snowy Sweden,

  3. I’ve been wondering about this. I’ve got the #2 science fiction bestseller on UK Amazon along with other titles that are selling very well, yet I can’t even get Hodder & Stoughton, who published me years ago, to reply to an email. It would seem titles that are selling so well in ebook would translate to print sales.

  4. Thats an interesting thought Bob. I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts lately about the rise in sales with e-books but I haven’t seen much about print sales numbers going up because of e-book sales.

    IMHO as a reader – one factor might be the price. E-books cost less hence less guilt and less thought when buying. Also since you don’t see it physically as piles at home, it doesn’t feel to bad to keep buying.


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