Eileen- Message to my Children series

Religion & Spirituality

By Susanna Mahoney

Publisher : Smashword.com

ABOUT Susanna Mahoney

Susanna mahoney
I am a mother with 3 teenagers, ready to go off to college, looking for a hobby. I started to write journals that turned into a passion. Now I am experimenting with fiction and spiritual topics.  Researching the self-publishing companies. I was introduced to Createspace.com and Smashword More...




The Old Testaments stories, which proclaim God as a vindictive God, scared her. A couple of incidents in Eileen’s life, the tragic deaths of her parents, the loneliness of not having them around, no one to share her sorrow and joys with, the up and downs of everyday life pained her, leaving an empty void in her heart. Then the attempted suicide plot at her high school and her despair at being alone in the world make her become reckless with life decisions, leading her on a path to nowhere and self-destruction.

All these circumstances made her question her existence on this planet, asking herself why am I here? What was her purpose on this planet? As she explored these inquiries, she realized that she was not alone, that the teaching of the holy bible was ingrained into her soul. She felt a presence of a flame building in her core, gradually over taking and reaching out to her, that she needed someone and/or something to believe in.

The world is in choas today and people are seeking escapes from the troubles. There are two directions one can go, earthly, freewill or spiritual, depending upon a higher being for safety. This book is a fictional story involving a teenager and her path of spiritual quest. She is assigned as a Holy Warrior to saved humanity from evil forces.