Alpha Chick-Five Steps for Moving from Pain to Power

ABOUT Mal Duane

Mal Duane
I am an author, a certified professional life and recovery coach as well as a speaker who learned to let go of self-destructive behaviors and transform my life by discovering  The Alpha Chick Process: Five Steps to Passion, Purpose & Personal Power.FocusAcceptance and AttitudeIdent More...



Secrets for transforming your life!
Let go of painful past experiences and live the life you’ve only dared to dream when you discover the powerful Alpha Chick inside of you. Author Mal Duane first shares her poignant personal story, then shows you how to use the 5 steps in the Alpha Chick Process to overcome pain, fear and confusion to approach life’s challenges with the power of acceptance and the value of a positive mental attitude.

Alpha Chick provides you with all the encouragement and the tools you’ll need to overcome self-destructive behaviors and create dynamic mental, emotional, physical, financial and spiritual transformation in your life.

The author Mal Duane shares her gripping and painful journey as a young woman whose life is lost in self-loathing, alcohol abuse and meaningless relationships for almost twenty five years. She is subjected to continual rejection from the men she pursues to validate her self worth. When the situation becomes unbearable and death looks like her best option, she experiences a dark night of her soul which leads to a spiritual awakening. Duane discovers through extensive research and studying during her own recovery, a simple but powerful five step process for moving from pain to power. She reveals this process in detail with suggestions for the reader to take.

Mrs. Ford sends you her best wishes.  She enjoyed reading the excerpts that you sent and knows that, just by writing the book, you have not only helped yourself but will surely help many others.                  Jan Hart, Personal Assistant to Betty Ford

Do you have a painful past that keeps you from a life that you only dream about? In the first half of her book “Alpha Chick,” Mal Duane lets the readers know her own difficult past in detail. And she doesn’t sugar-coat it at all, including her problems with men, alcohol, bad decisions and choices she made, and all of the other things that caused her so much pain in her past. Ms. Duane endured much suffering, but was able to turn her life around and find the real life she was looking and hoping for. In this book, she explains how her life changed, and how the reader’s life can change as well. “Alpha Chick” is actually two books in one. Part One is Mal Duane’s story. Part Two is a healing guide to help readers work through the pain of their past. She includes her five-step plan that helped her move from her painful past to a life of fulfillment, success and happiness. One thing is sure, it took a lot of bravery for Mal Duane to spill her guts to the world about all of her past mistakes.

I highly respect Mal Duane for writing “Alpha Chicks.” In telling her story, Mal will be able to help others in the same situations in a unique way. The five steps of the healing guide Focus, Acceptance and Attitude, Identification and Intention, Thoughts and Healing and Helping, each has a chapter of its own to guide you through each step at your own pace. If you are dealing with a painful past, or have an addiction of any kind, I encourage you to purchase a copy of this book to help you in your healing process. You will find valuable information that will change your life. Reviewed by Joy H. for Readers Favorite

Mal Duane's book Alpha Chick is one of the most inspiring and powerful books I've read. It is heart-rending at times and happily-ever-after in others. Built on the foundation of her earlier life of suffering and keeping up appearances, Mal weaves her story into a powerful message to live today and serve others. The power of Alpha Chick is in the steps she offers the reader to become all that she can be in life, taking care to say that this can be very hard work but ultimately worth every minute. By controlling our thoughts and channeling them to the positive, life becomes more positive.

Alpha Chick is a very personal and inspiring autobiography that stimulates in the reader a desire to become an Alpha Chick. Maureen Torpy, Author of Moving Forward

Alpha Chick by Mal Duane is one of the most empowering books ever. Mal is the real deal, conquering her fears and recreating her life in a better way, a fairy tale at its best, overcoming many obstacles in her life. Her 5 steps, moving from pain to power, based on the acronym FAITH, are a testimony to spiritual healing, love and gratitude and the fact that our thoughts truly do create our reality.

I am so very proud to have had the opportunity to talk with Mal and have her on my show, Modern Day Spiritual Journey. Rhonda M Brackett, USC Radio Productions host.