Letters to God on a Prodigal Son--Overcoming Addiction Through Prayer

ABOUT Anita Estes

Anita Estes
I I'm an art teacher, freelance writer, dancer and avid gardener. I've written three non-fiction books which have been published by small presses. All three are spiritual in nature. When God Speaks is a journey through the landscape of God's powerful promises. Transformed--Inspiring Storie More...



Letters to God is the poignant, true story of a parent's journey in coming to grips with her adult child's addiction. It is the heartfelt cry of a mother who finds peace in the midst of her tsunami and discovers the secret of victorious prayer. It is a journey from addiction to restoration—a powerful journal filled with practical advice and spiritual insights to guide the reader through troubled waters to a safe harbor.

“Is your life in turmoil due to a wayward child? If you feel caught between a rock and a hard place, second-guessing your childrearing decisions or responses, you may find a soul mate and help in the pages of this book. Author Anita Estes journals with refreshing candor and honesty about her prodigal son offering suggestions to parents in similar circumstances.”

~Brenda Nixon, M.A., author of the award-winning The Birth to Five Book (Revell), speaker, and host of The Parent's Plate radio show on Toginet Media.



“Anita Estes has penned a book of hope and direction for any parent who has a child going down the road of addiction. These are times when depending on God is paramount and they are times to listen to those who have walked this painful road before. Wherever you are on the journey of addiction with a friend or loved one, the words of this book will help guide the prayers of your heart… and give you hope!”

~Joel Sheets, Executive Director, Transformation Life Center