Our Perfect Father Every Day

Religion & Spirituality

By Danny Bond

Publisher : The Word Transfer

ABOUT Danny Bond

Danny Bond
Danny Bond is the senior pastor of The Vine Christian Fellowship in Appleton, Wisconsin. Over his three decades of ministry he has enjoyed a number of pastorates, taught at conferences and overseas, has ministered for years over the radio, and his bi-weekly teachings stream live over the I More...



Father. Just that one word can stir up a world of thoughts, memories and emotions. For some it’s packed with joy and happiness.  For others, it’s loaded with disappointment and pain.  But we all owe our existence to a father. He may have been benevolent and loving – a father in every sense of the word. Perhaps he wasn’t a father at all, in any sense of the word. These men are mortal, fallible and in the end, just men. But, there is a father that you can know who is perfect, infallible, immortal and who is in Himself, Father. Let me introduce you to Father God, the perfect father – every day.