The Jefferson Bible for the 21st Century!

Religion & Spirituality

By Timothy Pontious

Publisher : The Reading Desk

ABOUT Timothy Pontious

Timothy Pontious
Timothy is a technical writer in the computer/software industry, with many other areas of interest. He is also a veteran and a broadcaster. 


The Bible has several modern translations and versions, but derivative works do not have that luxury - instead they languish in the idioms of language we no longer use.  Thomas Jefferson rearranged the four gospels into a chronological sequence.  He distrusted the motives of the early Church, and felt that scripture included exaggerations to prove its point. So he left out miracles, angels, demons, and the resurrection. His belief was that the moral message of Jesus was still a supremely powerful one - capable of standing on its own.
So you might think of this as "Essential Jesus 101". It also includes notes about the original Jefferson Bible, and a short commentary on Deism.