Bright Lights & Champagne


By Jo Royston

Publisher : J.Oroton

ABOUT Jo Royston

Jo Royston
From England UK JO Royston, born J Orton grew up in the small town of Droylsden on the outskirts of the city of Manchester.

Age 13, when embarking upon a project assigned to me by my English teacher at St Damian's High School; I was unaware that the writing of my first full leng More...


A true to life journey along the rocky road of romance:  If you enjoy love stories with added twists & like the confusion of what is right & what is wrong in the battle of love & lust, then chances are that you will enjoy this.


A true to life journey along the rocky road of romance:  He was the face smiling down as she slept, throughout her teens he had shared her bedroom. Her idol, her crush, as a young girl he had been her first true love. Now it was her turn to watch, standing within over a thousand other loyal fans, how could she know that he was looking back at her? As a teenager she had fallen for his good looks, his voice & his forever smiling eyes. As a married woman & mother of two would Jane Carter fall for the superstars lies?

My imagination is never at rest & Bright Lights came about following a concert when I began to question What if? What if the leader of the band had been looking at me? Bands are renowned for attracting groupies, but what if the band member was the one with the obsession. This brought to light the age old question. Can money buy love? but the biggest question of all is, What would you do if this happened to you? Could any woman truly leave her life behind & live that which was once a teenager's fantasy?

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Real Page Turner!!, 19 April 2011
Miss K. Lowe - See all my reviews
This review is from: Bright Lights & Champagne (Kindle Edition)
Could not put this book down. A real page turner. As an avid reader of non-fiction this first romantic novel by this author really had me drawn in and wanting to read more. Within these pages of love, romance, glamour and betrayal, the author bought to life a world which for many would be out of reach, transporting the reader along the narrow line between fiction and real life. Bright Lights and Champagne left me wanting more as I did not want the adventure of Jane Carter to end. Hope to see more from this author soon.

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5.0 out of 5 stars A moral wrenching dilemma, 20 May 2011
This review is from: Bright Lights & Champagne (Kindle Edition)
Wow, after reading Bury Farm where the author brings the beast that is the werewolf into mans world I struggled to see how that same author could pen a sensitive romance yet Bright Lights & Champagne did not disappoint. I felt drawn in to both the everyday life of Jane Carter & the glamour filled life style of the pop star. Twists were at every turn & I enjoyed how the author had me empathising with even those I would be booing off stage if this were a play. Am now a JO Royston fan & hope there is much more to come.