Fantasy Fulfillment in Vegas

Self-Help and Personal Development

By Rex Parr

Publisher : Books to Believe In

ABOUT Rex Parr

Rex Parr
Rex 'the Teach'  was born in Gadsden, Alabama and now living in Denver, Colorado. Rex uses 'the Teach' as the pen name for his Fantasy Fulfillment series of books because he likes to teach. Plus it provides him with ambiguity and tranquility from his overzealous fans, family, and empl More...



Throughout their travels, they have observed and interacted with everyday people fulfilling their adult fantasies. What they have experienced and learned are the secrets revealed in this cleverly written, humorous book. This is the first book of their Fantasy Fulfillment guidebook™ series.


After reading the book, you’re ready to start fishing at the Hounds Hippie Hoopla lake, where you can dangle your worm. Teach and Leach have already showed you how to fish, now it is time to quit dreaming and start living the fantasy.

This is your ticket to fantasy fulfillment!!!

Teach and Leach books and parties are designed to give people the freedom to open their minds, the freedom to express their desires, and the freedom to fulfill their fantasies.

We were inspired to write this entertaining humorous book because of a Vegas slogan “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas”. Since we both travel to Vegas numerous times for business and pleasure, we started gathering info on how people try to live up to this Vegas slogan. Even thou it has Vegas in the title, this book can be used anyplace that someone wants to fulfill their fantasies. But since we interviewed, researched and practiced our techniques in Vegas, it only seems fitting to put Vegas in the title. Plus we give some Vegas travel tips. Since we wanted to use a pen name for our fantasy fulfillment series, we decided on ‘Teach & Leach’ which has a link to our occupation and most important it also provides us with ambiguity and tranquility from our overzealous fans. From the book cover, you will notice that the book has a hippie flare. That was not only by design but also because this book has a connection to the ‘free love’ era. Since we are both very much in line with the hippie philosophies, we wanted the book cover to reflect this connection.

This is a very unique book. It's filled with insightful sexual pick-up advice, yet it is disguised as a hilarious travel book. The authors seemed to be a combination of Masters and Johnson meet Cheech and Chong. Either way it is a compelling read.

This book not only provides useful ideas on how to fulfill your fantasy, but does so with an entertaining point of view. This guide furnishes examples and historical events that contribute to the exclusive contents of this book. Enjoy!

I can't decide if the authors are sexual geniuses or just really funny guys. They know how to use their humor to explain their outrageous ideas, but after discussing the book with my friends, we think that their ideas will actually work. We will find out and let them know because either way, we would like to meet them.