Piper's Passion Cookies

Piper's Passion Cookies

ABOUT Cheryl Hart

Cheryl Hart
THIS SOUTHERN GAL is strangely fascinated with barns, loves God, sweet tea, tin roofs, old movies, mountain air, and sugar wafer cookies. She believes catching fireflies in mason jars, sucking honeysuckle’s nectar, watching grass grow, and sittin’ on a front porch rocker will bless you More...



Piper Bell finds an old wooden chest while rummaging through her attic. Inside is a book, Granny Bell’s Magic Recipes. The cookbook came at the perfect time, because she has to bring cookies to the neighborhood pool party. With the touch of an enchanted easy-peasy ingredient, Granny Bell’s passion cookies promise to capture even the most reluctant man’s attentions—and Piper’s love life could certainly use a little magic.

She tests her first batch on the poolside bachelor partygoers, and Voila! The fruit cookies are a success. Men are swarming her like yellow jackets on watermelon, including Magnolia Acres’ newest hottie, Dr. Donovan Tate. The passion begins and things heat up… but Piper wonders if she should’ve stayed out of the kitchen.

Book is soon to be released...