Be Awake and Prepared

Religion & Spirituality, Christian Books

By Ernestine Moussa

Publisher : Westbow Press (1 Jun 2011)

Be Awake and Prepared

ABOUT Ernestine Moussa

Ernestine moussa
I am a christian author.



Be Awake and Prepared is an inspirational book from God. The Holy Spirit of God is talking today to God's people through this book, calling them to be awake and prepared.

Things are happening today, reminding us to be prepared and ready for the upcoming arrival of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It's time to focus more on where we want to spend eternity. The gate of Heaven still stands open to anyone who wants to enter. In this book, God sends a message through a vision to help people understand where they will find strength and how they will get to the safety zone, where they will be protected and covered by the blood of the Holy Lamb.

This book is for anyone. Those who have never heard about Jesus will meet Him and learn about Him. Those who know Him will receive revelations, spiritual knowledge and messages from God. It's amazing to know how God cares and fights for His people. He doesn't want anyone to die but to have abundant life. If you hear God's voice today, don't doubt; be prepared and get ready for God to move.

This book is about a vision given by God

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