Tiger Moths

Romance, Christian Books

By Sandra Grice

Publisher : Ellechor Publishing House, LLC

ABOUT Sandra Grice

Sandra Grice
 A former federal investigator and prosecuting attorney in the Air Force, Sandra is currently an officer in the Tennessee Air National Guard. She serves as the coordinator of Veterans Services and instructor of legal studies at a community college. In 2006, Sandra published a non-ficti More...



A woman running from the memory of her past love; a man searching for his future.

Dale Grayson is a successful attorney and devout believer, but her past has her living in fear. Johnny Clark struggles with the discontentment of immense fame, seeking true fulfillment in his life.

Can Dale ever find the courage to love again? Will Johnny overcome the temptations of his notoriety to discover, not only the joy of salvation, but the love of his life?

For Dale and Johnny, it all begins with childlike belief in their heavenly Father.

"Sandra Grice’s writing style and storylines held my attention throughout this read.  There are relationships and situations presented that all can identify with.  Her inclusion and treatment of a sensitive family and social issue is especially commendable.  As a minister, I appreciate the realistic way in which one’s faith commitment is both on display and trial in these pages.  I look forward to Sandra’s next book."

      – Robert Bowman, Sr. Associate Pastor, Adult Faith Foundations, Central Baptist Church Bearden, Knoxville, TN