Feel The Passion

Feel The Passion

ABOUT Marsha Cook

marsha cook
I am a WGA Literary Agent and a writer.   This book is available at :www.amazon.com www.michiganavenuemedia.com www.fidelipublishing.com



Why would a woman who had everything find herself in another man's bed pretending to be someone she is not? Usually that kind of behavior is not about love, lust or necessity. It’s about unhappiness and uncertainty. Elaine Lewis is that woman. She appeared to have the ideal life, with wonderful friends and a very busy social calendar. Most importantly she had the perfect husband and was the envy of all her friends. Just because money isn’t a problem doesn't mean your past mistakes can go unnoticed. Not unless you plan to look forward and never look back. If we are truthful to ourselves we know we can make it happen – does Elaine recall her past and begin her future?