I Know How You Feel: Hope and Encouragement Even in Your Darkest Moments

ABOUT Cynthia Legette Davis

Cynthia Legette Davis
Cynthia Legette Davis is a nationally recognized writer and author who considers it her life's work to promote personal peace. As an entrepreneur, Cynthia creates and provides products and services to help people enjoy more peace and balance in their lives. These include LeisureFun.net, a  More...


If you've ever felt afraid, angry, ashamed, anxious, depressed, lost or unloved, this book will speak to your heart in ways so intimate it may give you chills.Written in first-person dialogue with the reader, the passages of this book illustrate many of the negative feelings that are so easily triggered inside us by life's challenges. Each passage also offers hope and encouragement despite these challenges from a power much greater than any circumstance-God's love. This book reminds us that, even throughout the darkest moments of our lives, God loves us, and his love will see us through.