Totally Buzzed

Young Adult, Mystery & Thrillers, Humor

By Gale Borger

Publisher : Echelon Press LLC

ABOUT Gale Borger

Gale Borger
I am the author of the hilarious Miller Sisters Mysteries, Totally Buzzed and Totally Fishy. I also write for reluctant reader teens in my Olive Branch Mysteries.



     Trouble seems to follow ex-detective Buzz Miller, and this time it finds her outside her mother’s house where the dead body of a neighbor woman turns up stashed in the crawlspace! Buzz is roped into investigating, and reluctantly takes on sister Mag, “The Maggot” as a partner.


Simple enough, right? That is, until her mom’s wacky “Geriatric S.W.A.T. Team” cronies turn the crime scene into a neighborhood barbeque and Buzz’s 160 pound Newfoundland chews up most of her initial investigation!

After a shoot out at the Not-So-OK-Corral, Buzz has to explain to Sheriff Green why his only solid suspect was now pushing up daisies while lying dead in the petunias!


Outrageous characters, a flatulent bulldog, a bird named Kitty, and a knucklehead for a partner not only brings Wisconsin police procedure to an all new low, it has Buzz Miller wishing (not for the first time) she was an only child!


Welcome to White Bass Lake, Wisconsin, where the brats are on the grill, the corpse is under the house, the beer is in the cooler, and the bad guys are on the run!