The Shift In Consciousness

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Camillo Loken
I, Camillo Loken, grew up in a family of physician (father, uncle and grandfather). It was a family of atheists who told me that we're all alone in the universe and that the dramas of our lives culminating in a final, ignoble end: death. Darkness. You are gone fowever. Game over. Nothing  More...



Humans have sought answers to the following four questions for as long as humanity has existed :
who are we?
where do we come from?
what are we doing here?
where are we going?

Now Lilli Bendriss, one of Norway’s most reputation psychics, channels information from a group simply called The Enlightened Beings, and together with Camillo Loken ́s passionate research to find the answers to the secret of life, they share a comprehensive theory on the nature of all reality. A Shift in Consciousness offers a thorough examination of each of these questions, providing the reader with extensive information and possible conclusions.

This book addresses a wide range of research and literature in the scientific, metaphysical and spiritual arenas, covering topics such as energy, frequencies and vibrations, death, the soul, karma, reincarnation, quantum mechanics, consciousness, thought and mind power patterns, near-death experiences, dimensions and density levels, the astral plane, our shifting consciousness, and much more.

We live in a time where humanity can take its next step in evolution from Homo Sapiens to Homo Luminous - The Enlightened Beings. This step will require a conscious shift in each and every one of us. With this book the authors intend to contribute to this shift for the good of all.

I, Camillo Loken, grew up in a family of physician (father, uncle and grandfather). It was a family of atheists who told me that we're all alone in the universe and that the dramas of our lives culminating in a final, ignoble end: death. Darkness. You are gone fowever. Game over. Nothing beyond that. I was taught that life on Earth is just a cosmic coincidence and that life is governed by luck and chance. I adopted this view, but at the age of 16 I gained a keen interest in the unknown. I started reading books about near-death experiences, UFOs, reincarnation and Jose Silvas research on brain patterns and the power of thought. I wanted to study these interesting topics further, but being a young man I was influenced to pursue a more tradional path in terms of education. I ended up studying computer science and economics at University of Toronto, Canada and then later Hotel&Catering Management at University of Surrey, England. The passion for the unknown faded away, but it came back with incredible force app. 6 years ago. It was a moment of awakening. It was like waking up from a very long sleep and being starved for information. I went on a quest to find answers to the big four questions. Who are we? Where do we come from? What are we doing here? Where are we going? The vast amount of information I gathered would later become the foundation of the book The Shift in Consciousness. In his quest for answers I met Lilli Bendriss - a famous medium and channeler. It became clear that we had much in common. We started to work togeher. When we deciced to write a book together we soon realized that much of the channeled information Lilli had received throughout the years was a perfet fit to my material. As such The Shift in Consciousness is a book like no other. The combination of years of gathered research material together with valuable channeled information for the past decades is a unique one. Besides being an author I am also a speaker on the subject of the power of thought, the 2012 phenomena and raising human consciousness. More information about mer can be found on

Hi Camillo! What a great book you have produced along with Lilli! I have read spiritual literature for 10 - 15 years and I have been searching the spiritual aspect of my life for over 30 years!  I have also held a series of lectures about the spiritual! And so to the point! This book sums up all my reading! It puts my studies in perspective ... and facilitate the next stage of my growth / development! Thank you! Thank you! - Terje Lie Pedersen

Thank you for the magnificent book that you've written:) The book was so enlightening and somehow put things into perspective for me:) - May Amundsdatter

The information in this book was well researched and most interesting. There were a couple sections that I had a difficult time understanding but the ideas brought new thoughts to my mind that I will continue researching for my own knowledge. Over all I found the reading just wonderful and insightful. - Barbara Dierdorff  - San Diego, California

The Shift in Consciousness presents and connects all the most exciting and interesting theories and ideas related to the shift in consciousness that supposedly and quite possibly is taking place right now. You really only need this book to be completely updated on this huge and fantastic subject. The best of all is that all these rather complex theories are presented in a way that is comprehensible even for dim and uneducated souls like myself. If I were you (which I very well might be) I'd check it out. :) 
- Lars Kilevold - famous Norwegian songwriter

I strongly recommend this book ! Go out and buy it :) - Yvonne Vornes

I am excited to be commenting on the long awaited English translation of THE SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS.  Each of us are on a very important journey of self-discovery; a journey whereby we are embracing the truth that exist within in order to both embrace and contribute to the current change at hand. Lilli and Camillo refer to December 21, 2012, as symbolic alarm clock, one that will awaken us to an enhanced consciousness, whereby the future is nothing but potential. We make our own choices about which future we want for ourselves (which, in turn, impacts on the future of the collective). We are thinking, feeling and sensing beings, living in a sentient universe, with the power to create our own reality. Taking the time to read this fine work will enable you to rediscover what this journey is all about. Michele Doucette

Hi! I bought the book and started reading it! It´s almost impossible to put it down! :) - Eva Strand

Thanks for a wonderful book .... has been an enrichment to read! Recommended:) - Maria Søbstad

What a great book. It´s like an encyclopedia ....just fantastic really! I go back and forth - looking up great infomation, go back a little, think, read a bit more and so on! - Lisbeth Luneborg

What a wonderful book. I have read it from cover to cover and not been able to put it down. So much research and documentation is processed and presented in an easy and understandable way. This book really helps a consciousness shift. Many, many thanks - to Camillo and Lilli - Margaret Kvisle

Buy this book. Exciting reading. Scientific facts, metaphysics, and new interesting information. - Mariann Leliënhof

YES…BUY THIS BOOK ♥ It is just amazing ♥ as I am reading the book many pieces fall into place for me ♥. THANK YOU - Live Dybendal

Fantastic book, a real page turner ♥ - Grethe Røsnes

I recommend everyone to buy The Shift in Consciosness. ♥ - Anita Larsen

Humanity is on a unique journey through the universe. Right now there is a time of great opportunity for each and one of us - to once again connect with the Divine - with the whole - with the cosmos. 
One of the key words for this era is BALANCE - at all levels.  The Shift in Consciousness is an informative and important contribution in this process. - Marianne S. Behn - author, Rosen therapist and Tv hostess of the program "The Other Side" on Channel FIVE, Norway.

The Shift in Consciousness gives us the answers to the big questions.  With clarity the reason behind the cause of life and existence is being conveyed. The truths in this book help us to better understand and master life's journey. Gillian R. Godtfredsen - internationally recognized and accomplished healer. NLP trainer, coach and mentor. Founder of The Paradigm Academy of Holistic Studies.