Falling (Fallen Idols - Paranormal Chick Lit Romance Novella)

Falling (Fallen Idols - Paranormal Chick Lit Romance Novella)

ABOUT Cecilia Gray

Cecilia Gray
Cecilia Gray lives in the San Francisco Bay Area where she reads, writes, and breaks for food. 


The trouble with falling in love is the long drop down....

Alexis isn’t afraid of much. She’s never met a cliff she didn’t want to climb or a waterfall she wouldn’t plunge over. Yet when her fiancé leaves and takes her daring edge with him, she swears off love….

Until one wild night out at San Francisco’s latest hard-to-find, impossible-to-get-into new club where she discovers more than just a stiff drink awaits her inside, because the owner of this club is the sexiest man she’s ever met—and the most dangerous. A few hundred years ago, Jason made a very bad bargain with a very vengeful goddess. Now it’s time for him to pay up, either with his soul… or his heart. 

And when one long look at Alexis makes him understand just how hellish a life of unrequited love could be, suddenly the alternative doesn’t sound so bad.  Only it turns out, the alternative isn’t just hellish—it is hell… and Alexis is the only one who can spring him loose. If, that is, she’s brave enough to try…