His Mistress of God's Daughter?

ABOUT Danyelle Scroggins

Danyelle Scroggins
Hello, My name is Danyelle Scroggins and I am an author, pastor, inspirational speaker, wife, and mother. My books are entitled: Not Until You're Ready, The Power of Pain, His Mistress or God's Daughter, and I'm currently working on a new release entitled Destiny's Decision. I studied Theo More...



Accept, appreciate, and acknowledge that you are one of God's greatest accomplishments! Your acceptance of who you are as one of God's daughters will cause you to never falter by becoming his mistress. Danyelle Scroggins explains how awesome it is to be one of God's very own daughters and how He is our source and supply that we should look to in times of need. It is this trust in God that causes His daughters to only accept who God has for them concerning relationships. In His Mistress or God's Daughter? Danyelle takes extreme measures to present a choice that only you, the reader, can make. A choice that will give you the opportunity to embrace all that God has for you as His Daughter; blessings that no man on earth can give! Be prepared for a complete restoration of self-pride and a complete transformation from selfish-pride!