Gaga for Gridiron - The Ultimate Guide to Football for Women


AJ Newell
AJ Newell is "The Football Dude” - An avid football super-fan with encyclopedic knowledge of the game and innate understanding of football strategy.  AJ's first summer job in the 6th grade was cutting neighborhood lawns and pulling weeds at the mall so he could buy season tickets t More...


Gaga for Gridiron features a straight-to-the-point guide that doesn’t bury what you need to know in a mountain of commentary or jargon-riddled talk. The Rules and ABCs of the game are explained in a way that will surely benefit both the clueless and the advanced fan. With its light, informative content, accompanying photos and examples, Gaga for Gridiron will surely be your first and only definitive reference on everything football. And that will surely impress the boys!