The Playing Card Oracles

ABOUT Ana Cortez

Ana Cortez
Ana Cortez is co-creator and author of The Playing Card Oracles, A Source Book for Divination, published by US Games Systems, and The Teacher Within, Enraptured Ranting and Other Tales. She has been practicing and studying various systems of divination and self-knowledge for 30 years. A More...


Subtitle: A Source Book for Divination. Written by Ana Cortez, illustrations and essays by C.J. Freeman.  
A rare father-daughter team, Ana Cortez and C.J. Freeman combine their unique talents and love for prophecy to bring forth The Playing Card Oracles. 
For those seeking a "Tarot" book, please this is not Tarot nor is it based on Tarot in any way. 
This book reintroduces the world to the 52-card as it was originally intended. Through original and thought provoking material, it illuminates such things as how to use the natural lunar calendar built into the cards; original numerological insight combined with the use of the 4-elements; playing cards as they create divinatory geomancy; and on and on. An invaluable resource for divination. Beautifully written and hauntingly illustrated.

Ana Cortez and her father, C.J. Freeman, created the Playing Card Oracles together. Their decades of work began when C.J. began intuitively painting the 52-card deck to find startling and unusual imagery coming through. He then began writing stories for the characters and researching playing card history to find clues to what was appearing. His daughter became involved initially in the early 80's and together they completed the book around 2002. C.J. drew and painted Oracle images for the 52-card deck for nearly 30 years, to complete a very large body of original and provoking work. The image on the cover of the book came from a lucid dream conversation with "The Oracle" shortly before publication.

“The book that you (Ana Cortez) wrote and he (CJ Freeman) brilliantly illustrated and essayed is one of the favorites in my personal library.”
--Stuart Kaplan, Chairman of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

I found this book to be well written, well researched, and presented in a manner that anyone, from any background, could follow. Is this system different from other playing card systems? Yes, it is. It is a system unto itself. Go into this world with an open mind and an open heart, and you will do well. In the end, you will be able to read playing cards as a form of divination, and be able to work with your results. The wisdom and vision within this book is phenomenal. Take a look and see what you think!  --Bonnie Cehovet, Author and Tarot Grand Master