BLACK SNOW~A Salute To The Single Parent

ABOUT Ernestine Gage

Ernestine Gage
Author, Speaker and Inventor. Hold a U.S.Patent for the Child's Stadium Safety Seat. Currently have two publications, MaMa Said~MaMa Meant and Black Snow A Salute To The Single Parent.
Graduated from Saint Louis University with a bachelor's degree in Communications Disorders. Lifetim More...


A story of family struggles and the love, strength and wisdom a single parent endured to keep her six children together. It tells of how the mother became a single parent and how things are not always as they appear to be. Go on the journey with one of the children of the single parent that she takes to locate the father and restore the mother's honor

This is a story of a single parent who was determined to raise her six children alone after the father left the home. It is a story of love, forgiveness, determination and sacrifice.Balboa