31 Flavors


By Cari Silverwood

Publisher : wicked cucumber press

ABOUT Cari Silverwood

Cari Silverwood
Though I’d much rather stay invisible and spin you all tales with my words, here’s a little snippet of my world.

I have a lovely family, here in Australia, with the prerequisite teenager who dwells in the dark bedroom catacombs…a husband who raises eyebrows when he catches More...



There are some things in life you have to try before you know how they will affect you.

After 5 years of awful sex, I was ready. Bondage and spanking had always featured in my fantasies, and one day, I convinced my husband to try them. That day was a turning point.

Ice cream comes in many flavors and that’s us too -- not vanilla, maybe not Rocky Road either. We can be a combination or make up our own and no one has the right to judge us.

But there will always be one question that tears at my soul: Will my husband, Nick, ever be happy with what I crave?

31 Flavors is a book that is heavily based on a true love story. Although the sex scenes are obviously fictionalized much of it really happened. Sidney and Nick are real. This isn’t just another erotic BDSM story. We all felt (Leia, Cari, and Sidney) there was a place for a novel where the readers might draw parallels with their own lives -- a story where idealistic, perfect people did not exist, where mistakes are made, and in particular where the top or Dom is not some godlike creation and the submissive or bottom is just your average girl-next-door. Many women have a desire or even a craving for BDSM in their relationship with their partners. This story tells how Sidney and Nick’s marriage survived and flourished after they explored BDSM. However, we are all different. Communicating with your partner is the foundation stone needed before anything else should be contemplated. Sidney volunteered to tell her story. We hope someone out there will benefit from the tale, or at the very least, that some of you shed a few tears and chuckle a few times as well as needing to change your underwear, because it’s one helluva sexy, funny, and romantic story.